Mental Health consequences of lockdown are absolutely no reason to limit COVID related restrictions.

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I have been wanting to write something for a few weeks in response to what I keep seeing as spurious arguments against the escalation of COVID restrictions in Victoria, and around the world, which use “mental…

Photo by Ravi Roshan from Unsplash

It is really hard to underestimate the hype that has surrounded the development of ketamine as a potential antidepressant drug. In the first seconds of a Google search I found statements like “Get your life back” and “Reset your brain, reset your life”. Perhaps we should not be that surprised…

The escalating publication of redundant, unnecessary and misleading meta-analyses is a growing blight which requires containment.

As a journal editor and reviewer I am repeatedly receiving, and now frequently recommending rejection for, meta-analyses of studies in the brain stimulation field. For a long time these were studies of transcranial magnetic…

Paul Fitzgerald

Paul Fitzgerald is a Professor of Psychiatry specializing in brain stimulation and neuroscience applications to depression, schizophrenia @ other disorders

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